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Elk Grove , CA
True Grit Sports Conditioning uses sports training, sports conditioning and sports skill development to teach the values of nutrition, injury prevention, and self esteem/confidence. For the student/athlete who has a goal of participating in college sports, we will provide professional sports training, sports skills development, and college scholarship counseling/preparation. This is provided to both male and female athletes involved in any sport.

, CO
The last 15 years, I had struggled with my weight. I tried several diets but could never stick with them. I was very fortunate to meet my trainer and mentor, Julie. She not only trained me, she stuck with me through the entire roller coaster ride. As much as I wanted to give up, she wouldn’t let me. The transformation is amazing mentally, physically and emotionally. I now realize you have one body and you don’t get another one. I feel like a new person with such a positive outlook with life. Having a personal trainer made all the difference. ...

Denver, CO
Zacharia Walsh spent most of the 90's serving as an infantryman in the United States Marine Corps. Zacharia Walsh spent most of this decade studying philosophy and literature at the University of Denver. Zacharia Walsh began working out just over 23 years ago after having his head flushed down the toilet during lunch period one tuesday afternoon.

I read a novel about every eight to ten days, or the rough equivalent. I think. I am a personal trainer and currently hold two certifications from the National Academy of Sports Medicine. For the past four years I have participated directly in the ...

stockton, CA
Brandon is from Stockton, CA and graduated from Bear Creek High School, in 2002. Following high school, he attended Missouri Baptist University on a baseball scholarship and majored in sports medicine, with a minor in chemistry. After graduation in 2007, Brandon returned to his native Stockton and founded Crossfit CenCal. He is currently pursuing a master’s degree in sport managment. Brandon is a certified personal trainer through the International Sports Science Institute as well as the National Academy of Sports Medicine. He is a registered United States Weightlifting Olympic Lifting Coach, a certified USAW Sports Performance Coach, a Crossfit Level ...

Modesto, CA
I have to be completely honest. I was a reluctant convert to CrossFit and to fitness in general. To begin with, I was never much of an athlete. I was undisciplined and had all sorts of bad habits. When I ate, I ate too much or too little. When I drank, I drank too much. To make matters worse, I smoked nearly a pack of Marlboros a day on and off for over 20 years. In the past I’d made attempts to change my bad habits and “get in shape”, but these were mostly half hearted measures and those ...

Fresno, CA
Owner and Head CrossFit Instructor, CrossFit Combat Fitness, 2009-present
Owner and Head Sports Performance Coach, SPEED, 2009-present
Sports Performance Director, Velocity Sports Performance, 2006-2009
Interim Head Strength Coach, Fresno State, 2004-2005
Assistant Strength Coach, Fresno State, 2000-2006
Intern Strength Coach, Fresno State, 1997-2000

Awards and Recognitions
NSCA Coach Practitioner Distinction, 2005-2008
NSCA Registered Strength Coach, 2005-2008

I have participated in many sports throughout my life including soccer, baseball, wrestling, football, judo, karate, track & field, softball, motorcycle roadracing, and weightlifting. I have nine years experience as a collegiate Division 1 strength and conditioning coach where I designed and implemented strength training programs for Baseball, ...

Fresno, CA
Sports and fitness have been a huge part in my life. I played mutiple sports growing up and even played college football for five years. After College i spent time working with the United States Olympic Education Center's weightlifting team in Marquette, Mi. Then i came back to fresno and worked with Progressive Sports and Conditiong as a Sports Performance Specialist and Personal Trainer. I spent this last year as a Strength and Conditioning Coach with the Pittsburgh Pirates. I am now back home again in Fresno working with TERRIO EDGE where I train athletes, do personal training and ...

Parker, CO
I am originally from Bluefields, Nicaragua and this is where I started my boxing career. I have 30 years of experience in boxing. I have trained pro and amatuer fighters. In 2003 I became a boxing coach at one of the best gyms in Denver, Colorado, the 20 St. Gym. As a coach, I have worked with a lot of good prospects, taking them to the top. My coaching career has been very successful in taking young boxers to the top. After i left the 20 st. gym, I became the head coach at Rox Boxing Gym. I worked with ...

Lonetree, CO
Use Pilates to compliment your usual training program. Pilates increases muscle elasticity and Joint Mobility, therefore aiding in better overall performance and flexibility. Reach your goals faster with stronger core strength. Great for Golfers and other athletes!

Fort Collins, CO
With ten years of experience in the fitness field Jenny has a wide variety of exercises and techniques to take you to your next level. Finding things that you can enjoy and push yourself through are important for a lifetime of fitness. Setting goals and having fun along the way is important too. Jenny not only promotes a active lifestyle she lives one too, enjoying the activities in Colorado from Triathlons to Snowshoeing any opportunity to enjoy the outdoors is high on her priority list.

San Francisco, CA
I am an elite trainer with more than 10yrs. experience with high level athletes, weekend warriors, and average people who just want to stay in shape. I am a competetive weight lifter, with master status. I have worked with clients who have sustained severe injuries, post rehab, post heart surguries and post stroke victims. I can help you with your weight loss or muscle gain goals, make you a better athelete, or get you over the hump of plateaus. At 35yrs old, I have experienced most of these circumstances first hand, and have the knowledge and equipment ...

CampbelL, CA
As a mother of two I am fully aware of the challenges a family can face. As a personal trainer I'm able to practice and teach the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. Reaching your fitness goals involves more than will power, desire or ablility. It involves being emotionally excited about your fitness journey. My goal is to make workouts challenging, interesting and fun, making it easier for you to adopt and maintain a habit of finess that will benefit you now and for life.

San Diego, CA
I'm an NPC and INBF figure competitor, and a personal trainer with credentials in Sports Nutrition.

I'm a native San Franciscan and a loyal MaxMuscle patron.

I am also a full-time working professional and full time mother and wife. So, I know the challenges people can face with balancing work, family, and exercise.

I'm here to help you realize your fitness goal and provide a path for you to follow. With the right combination of diet and exercise, along with motivation and support, you can certainly achieve it.

From training or prepping for a show, ...

charlotte, NC
Michael Anders has been the owner and head trainer of Shape Up Fitness & Wellness Consulting since it was founded in 2005. Michael holds a Master’s Degree in Sports Science from the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University in Germany. This, combined with certification in personal training, make him an expert in his field. He specializes in weight loss, in close cooperation with his clients’ health care professionals, as well helping people regain health, fitness, and lifestyle.
He created Shape Up Fitness & Wellness after years of working for big chain gyms both in the US and in my native ...

Elk Grove, CA
Has been training with 24 hour fitness for 9 years since 2001. Has a athletic background of football of 5 years and has a passion to help people with their fitness goals.