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Felix G.

A Madrid native and athlete, now a Personal Trainer in San Francisco,wants to share his athletic and sports background with new exercisers or experience athletes.
Proper nutrition, breathing, right warm up exercises, full control of your movement, flexibility, speed and power, injury prevention, and rest are emphasized during workouts.

Contact Information

Phone 1 (Mobile) (415)290 2040
Gender Male

Training at

Location Y Embarcadero,Federal Fitness Center,Suginami Akikai
Address Unavailable
City San Francisco
State CA
ZIP 94103
Other Locations Outdoor workouts around the marvelous city of San Francisco. From cross training circuits to mountain biking or Parkour! No excuse for not enjoying the great sunny weather of San Francisco as you exercise!


Certifications NETA/ACE Personal Trainer
TRX/RIP Certified Trainer
Kinesis Instructor
Bootcamp instructor
SCW Fitness Group Instructor
Aikido Instructor
Martial Arts Sports Conditioning Camp