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Elizabeth, CO

Castle Rock, CO
Been training for the last 8 yrs, mostly in Kansas. .

I believe that the fundamental of a healthy lifestyle needs to me simple. So I focus on helping others develop the fundamental element of Health and Fitness. Allowing individuals to choose the lifestyle that fits into their day to day lives. If a person can be taught the proper progression and regressions, one can truly grasp the true concept of lifestyle.

Aurora, CO
Currently working at 24HF. The reason that I choose this field is because I want to help people move better and function without pain. Unfortunately I need a facility to workout at so I am at 24 but I believe that personal training should be more affordable. Once I have my own facility I will make that the case but until then I will gladly help who I can through 24 Hour Fitness!!

Springfield, OR
I am the owner of Northwest Training Center. We are one of the best boxing and MMA gyms in the northwest. We are sponsored by max muscle and my members love max muscle supplements and vitamins. I have a team of professional and amateur MMA fighters and boxers who only use Max Muscle products.

Woodbridge, VA
Nathan (Nate) Leon studied the science of human movement while attending Shenandoah University (SU) where he earned a Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology. He also earned recognition for two minors, in Psychology and Coaching. Over the past 20 years, he has immersed himself into an athletic and health conscious lifestyle. His athletic career includes: 10 years of Soccer (up through the collegiate level), 6 years of Wrestling, 3 years of Cross Country and Track & Field (at the collegiate level), and 1 year of Lacrosse. After college he picked up Bodybuilding as his own personal ...

Glendale , CO
Although my experience lies in fitness, my passion lies with nutrition. With a Bachelors Degree in Exercise Science and Nutrition, I hold myself personally responsible to educate for every person I meet about healthier options for nutrition. In this nation full of disease due to poor and lack of healthy nutrition, I feel like I can make a difference to all I encounter. Even if I just plant the seed, so to speak, of other ways to eat, I feel like I've mad a change.

I am a competitive NPC bikini athlete as well as an avid hiker, snowboarder and ...

South Hackensack, NJ
Jim plays and trains with a hardcore attitude. Pushing the limits are something Jim has been doing his whole life. Whether it be on the field of play or in the gym the challenging and hard working, no nonsense athlete comes alive.
Jim's competitive athletic playing career began at six years of age, he has participated in football, soccer, basketball, hockey, wrestling, baseball and lacrosse. He played football and lacrosse on the NCAA level at Montclair State University and continues to play pro roller hockey as a member of the New Jersey Grizzlies currently assigned to the ...

alexandria, VA
I truly believe that proper nutrition and regular exercise are the two best things you can do for your body; and when put together, this healthy lifestyle is the most natural form of weight management. I live my life as a continuous pursuit to strive for excellence and one way I am able to achieve this is by setting an example and motivating those around me to live a healthy and fit lifestyle! My experience includes training people of all ages from those recovering from injuries to those who want to build muscle, slim down, tone and sculpt, to those ...

Boulder, CO

David has had a great deal of success working with clients for weight loss, strength development, and specializes in strength and endurance training as an athlete and a competitive runner. In addition, he is adept at working with individuals who have chronic pain or are recovering from injury.

In addition to being an accomplished personal trainer, David Miller is a highly skilled Acupuncturist and body worker. He utilizes this extensive skill set in an integrative approach to fitness and nutrition to assist his clients in achieving their goals. His training involves the assessment of muscle imbalance, the development of proper ...

Aurora, CO
I am a native of Colorado. I am an avid outdoorsman and exercise enthusiast. I love to travel and learn about other cultures.

Mission Statement:
As a fitness professional I believe that all things are possible through a healthy and balanced lifestyle. By creating fitness programs that incorporate functional movements, updated knowledge and variety, I will empower my clients/students. Whether focusing on going pro, losing excess fat, or just staying healthy, I owe 100% dedication to each and every person I work with. I am in this business to change lives through motivating, empowering, and teaching.

I will give and expect…. (Core Standards)

• Commitment ...

Bend, OR
Brad Haag is a experienced personal trainer, endurance coach and overall fitness geek. His background involves a diverse array of physically challenging endeavors. From being in special programs and leading fitness groups while he served in the Navy to stumbling upon Triathlon and other endurance sports. Brad has always had a serious interested in helping others through holistic nutrition and functional fitness.

Mt. Pleasant, SC
Born and raised in Canton, Ohio where I began to enjoy working out and playing sports at a very young age. I was a scholarship player and three year starter for the Ohio University Bobcats where I participated in 4 straight bowl games. Also a member of the honor roll all throughout college. After finishing my playing career I got into strength and conditioning by coaching for Ohio University. I then moved to Charleston, SC to coach full time at the Citadel. At the Citadel I trained athletes in multiple sports including Football, Baseball, Basketball, ...

burke, VA
Luis Garcia is a personal trainer and powerlifter based out of North Virginia. After serving eight years in the Army, including two tours in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, Luis began pursuing strength and conditioning training. As a veteran paratrooper Luis knows first hand the challenges of maintaining a peak physical fitness in a combat zone. His techniques have derived from contact with 5th Group, Special Forces, academic training and years of experience.
His passion for fitness is unparalleled, bridging the gap of fitness misinformation with his extensive experience and knowledge. Luis comes from a background of Mixed Martial Arts, Brazilian ...

Cary, NC
I have always loved being in gym environments but when I graduated from college, my eyes were opened to how quickly your health can deteriorate if you don’t pay attention to it. To prevent this from happening, I began playing Ultimate Frisbee and taking Fitness classes at a martial arts studio in the area because they gave me the opportunity to stay in shape and meet like-minded people. Five years ago I was asked to join the staff of the martial arts studio I was training at as a Fitness Coach and have been training others there, part-time, ever since. ...

West Richland, WA